Green Events are events whose planning, organization and implementation are carried out according to sustainable criteria. For the past years Summa has been awarded as Green Event by the Agenzia provinciale per l'ambiente e la tutela del clima.

The key points of Green Events are the use of ecological products, energy efficiency, waste management, the enhancement of local products and social responsibility. These goals are in line with the long-term climate strategy presented by the South Tyrolean provincial government, which has set itself the goal of reducing annual CO2 emissions per capita by 2020, below 4 tons and by 2050 below 1.5 tons.

There are many areas of intervention where we can take actions in order to make a positive impact in hosting and organizing an event.
Summa sets an example and puts its focus on sustainability. The implementation of the measures of a Green Event gets optimized and extended each year. We keep up with this high standard not only because we are convinced that it has an importance for our visitors but also because it represents the values of the winery Alois Lageder.