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Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Casòn Hirschprunn & Tòr Löwengang, Magrè, South Tyrol, Italy

Another half year of work,
thanks to the support of Summa 2018. 


Several months have passed since Summa 2018. It's time to take a look back on what has happened with the generous and valuable support from Summa and the Lageder family.

These last months our House of Solidarity has always been full - with more than 50 guests on an average; and a long waiting list of people asking to enter our house. Even our emergency room was constantly used. Our guests are people from South Tyrol and the whole world, singles and families, children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Due to the present good economic situation, many guests of our house are currently working. Unfortunately their contracts are almost always precarious. But we are happy because every activity is a step towards "normality".

With the generous support of your Lageder winery in the past months we were able to help several cases of hardship. These are people who otherwise receive no help at all - neither from private players nor from institutions. Here are some examples:

A journalist has contacted us. She was very desperate. For a long time she has accompanied a young Nigerian man who is slightly impaired. After his asylum procedure was completed and no successor housing was found, he was going to be put on the street. The journalist had done her utmost to prevent this. Unfortunately with no success. So we decided to give the man a chance. Two volunteers should accompany him to find accommodation in the Meran area. There he was promised a job in a kitchen.

Once, a woman aged about 50 years stood in front of our office door. She was from Bulgaria, had worked for several years as a "badante" in Italy and was on her way to Germany with her Italian friend, where he wanted to start a job. On the ride, the man got sick. He had to be taken to hospital with a suspected heart attackand had to stay for observation for several days. The woman had no accommodation. She also had no money for a hotel or a pension. So we gave her a bed. After a few weeks she found a job thanks to the support of our volunteers who take care of "badanti".

The Carabinieri of Brixen called on a Friday afternoon asking us to host four Kurdish refugees for a few days. The security forces had stopped a car that wanted to take the men to Scandinavia. They spoke neither German nor Italian, only a few words of English. Since all rooms and our emergency sleeping area were full, we set up four emergency beds in the meeting room. After the police had recorded their data, we tried to provide initial information thanks to the support of a Kurdish guest. Two of the refugees disappeared. One went to Milan. The fourth went to Bolzano, where he wanted to apply for asylum.

Mr. S. was pushed back from Germany to Italy at the beginning of December 2016 because initially his fingerprints had been taken in Italy. He had no shelter, no one he knew. After a few days in the street, he came to us in the House of Solidarity. It soon turned out that Mr. S. was severely traumatized. He had seen, how his family was massacred. After several incidents, he was temporarily admitted to psychiatric treatement. The doctors have now found a good drug setting for him, so that S. is getting quieter. In the last few weeks he has been able to start small activities. This is a first important step back to a normal life. A volunteer meets with him weekly. For a while Mr. S. was supported economically by friends from Germany. At present not any more. As a consequence the cost of accommodation and food is taken over by the House of Solidarity

Ms. A. is from Nigeria. She had the opportunity to study computer science in Milan. After completing her studies, she spent some time in Bolzano, then found a job in Mezzocorona as a "badante". She never received a salary, was sexually harassed by a family member and then got away from the employer with the help of the police. Somehow she returned to South Tyrol and to us in the House of Solidarity. Currently the situation with her documents is uncertain because she came to Italy with a residence permit for study reasons, but this no longer applies. So far, she has not received any financial support from the public institutions. We are in the process of clarifying this. We also help actively to find a job for her. So far she has no financial resources


These are snapshots from the house - snapshots that fall through the dense net of the South Tyrolean social system. We are glad that thanks to the help of your Lageder winery we can offer some help.

We really hope that acting in the way described above we have come up to your expectations.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your precious support!




House of Solidarity - A Portrait

For 16 years the HoS has been helping 150 people in need per year. Senior citizens, children and youths in difficult family situations, adults in conflict with the justice or released from custody, homeless or unemployed persons, mentally ill, addicts, migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, but also students and people who stand up for others, they all find a helping hand and/or a place to stay at the HoS. The HoS is also the home of ecological and social organizations. At present, the "Organization for a Caring World" (oew), "oikocredit," the youth organization "Afzack" and the open technology laboratory Otelo are located there.
Up until now, the HoS has received no public funds to cover the running costs for the many aspects of its work. The House finances itself exclusively through income from rentals, own activities, and donations.
In 2008 and 2011 the HoS was awarded the Cultura Socialis Prize as appreciation of its work. In 2013, together with the Comboni Missionaries, it received the Bishop Josef Gargitter Prize. In 2015 it gained the 2nd place in the competition „Values with Heart“. The film school Zelig produced a documentary in 2012. The well known filmmaker Andreas Pichler is acutally finishing a film about the HoS.

More about the HoS: