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Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Casòn Hirschprunn & Tòr Löwengang, Magrè, South Tyrol, Italy

Demeter – our partner

The Demeter brand stands for products made using biodynamic agricultural methods. As an international organic brand, it is in use on all continents. Biodynamic agriculture is the oldest form of ecological agriculture and can be traced back to concepts developed by Rudolf Steiner, who, in the early 20th century, also initiated Waldorf education and anthroposophical medicine.

Demeter controls and certifies the work of the farmers who employ biodynamic cultivation methods. The members of this association all share the goal of transforming the agricultural sector. Demeter not only campaigns for a greater public awareness of the need for man to practice sustainable agricultural methods and thus protects the arable land of this planet. It also works, on the political level, towards furthering the goals of farmers employing biodynamic methods and deepening the understanding of the needs of nutrition-conscious consumers.

We have been a member of Demeter since 2004. This is because we feel that it is important to have transparent, experienced, and also innovative partners. And after all, these partners also help us to continually improve the quality standard of our wines.

During this year's Summa, we once again give this important partner a special presentation platform. We want to draw the attention of our guests to the Demeter Association and its activities and to boost the profile of this brand. This year's Demeter undertakings are presenting themselves both in their own area in the first floor of the Palazzo and together with other vintner friends in further presentation areas. We are very pleased to see that Demeter vintners from several countries are participating in this edition and that they will be presenting their excellent wines – for which consumer enthusiasm is constantly rising – to our visitors in Magrè.

Famos for Summa

Special objects made by special people

The name badges of Summa are made by people, working in protected laboratories of the district communities of Oltradige-Bassa Atesina (BZ). With dedication, love for detail and joy about the successfully realized work, they created unique handmade badges for us. Because of this we talk about special people and special products. Each product from the Famos laboratories is unique and shows an individual personality.
In addition to the work for Summa, for many years they have been producing wine bags in collaboration with our winery, which are sold in our Vineria Paradeis.

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